by Ioana

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Autobiography of Iona Munteanu Ramnic – Artist Pasteliste

I was born in Bucharest, Romania and thirty years ago I came to Queens, NY. Fifteen years ago, my husband and I moved to upstate New York. We built a house, admired nature, and hiked the surrounding mountains.

In Romania, I grew up under the artistic influence of Anca and Stefan Serbanescu, my aunt and uncle, who were both famous and recognized painters in Romania and Europe.

I always wanted to follow my aunt and uncle’s career, but economic constraints forced me to study and work in engineering. My parents in Romania always loved nature, hiking, and camping. I still love nature and I continue to enjoy my artistic hobbies: photography, drawing, and painting.

This year, I retired at sixty five. I have completely dedicated my time exploring the Hudson River region, the Catskill Mountains and my artistic hobbies. I’ve discovered that drawing with pastels suites my personality and passion. My pastels are inspired by the surrounding environment.

I would like to share this passion for nature and art with other art lovers.

Ioana Munteanu Ramnic Artistic Pasteliste  



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