Broom Hilda the Kitchen Witch



Broom Hilda is riding on a genuine Catskill Mountain witch's broom



Broom Hilda is riding on a genuine Catskill Mountain witches' broom


  A dense cluster of twigs, in medieval times, the mysterious "witches' broom" an unexplainable occurrences was often blamed on witchcraft. Brooms during this time were made of bundles of twigs and called a besom. The term witches' broom comes from the German word Hexenbesen, which means to bewitch (hex) a bundle of twigs (besom).

Witches' brooms occur on many different woody plant species, including deciduous trees such as hackberry, maple, and willow, and conifers such as pine and spruce. There may be only one broom in a tree, or they may be many scattered throughout the tree. In some cases, the brooms are quite large in size and are easily spotted. In others, they are small and well-hidden.

The broom that Broom Hilda is riding, is a rare find and was harvested right here in the Catskill Mountains.

Broom Hilda is a Kitchen Witch. You will find Kitchen Witches in may Scandinavian kitchens. If you hang Broom Hilda in your kitchen, she will bring good fortune to your home. She's a lucky little kitchen witch who knows a special gnome. You'll not have another burnt pot, and she is sure to keep your meals hot. She will help you with every kitchen chore, if only you will hang her in your kitchen door.

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