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We understand that as a crafter/artist or small business person, you may have considered a website, but found it to be expensive or too complicated. Nevertheless, more and more people are using the internet. Whether you just want to show your creations or actually sell them on the internet, we have a comprehensive range of 'rent' solutions that are aimed at giving you everything you need to have a successful on-line shop.


Look at what's included in each of our comprehensive packages…


Starter Package Includes:

• A one-page on-line shop that is part of the Gnome Home Mall.

• You will be listed in the main directory

• Includes a link to your email account (if you don't already have an email account, we will help you)

Set-up Cost: $0
Annual Fee: $99



Do You Already Have a Website? Let us add your URL to our directory and add a link from the Gnome Home Mall to your site.

Set-up Cost: $0

Annual Fee: $20



Place a Banner on the Gnome Home Mall site

Static (non-moving) Banner

Set-up Fee: $0

Annual Fee: $50



Dynamic (moving) Banner

Set-up Fee: $0

Annual Fee: $80



Current Listings nowAvailable :

The Little Brick Shop

The Enchanted Cottage

The Professional Building

Your name or business name will appear on your store front that is located in the Gnome Gneighborhood Village. A click on YOUR Virtual Store will take you inside your custom-designed shop where your products will be displayed. You will also be listed in our Gnome Gneighborhood Directory that will be linked to your web page or web site.



For further information regarding our services please don't hesitate to send us an email at The Gnome Home



or call us at (845) 985-0501

or send us 'snail mail' at:

131 Peekamoose Road

Sundown, NY 12740



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