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Rent a Web Page from us ...

Have you  considered a website for your small art/craft business but have found it to be complicated or too expensive?

Perhaps we little people at the Gnome Home can help! And,  we offer 'wee' little prices. 

Here are some ideas

Starter Package Includes:

• A one-page (800x600 pixels approximately 11"  x 8") on-line shop that is part of the Gnome Home Mall.

• You will be listed in  the  Gnome Gneighborhood Directory

• Includes a link to your email account (if you don't already have an email account, we will help you) and other contact information.  All you have to do is provide us with pictures and a description of your product(s). 

Set-up Cost: $0
Annual Fee: $99

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 Consider your own Web Site 

We will  help you design and create your own website with your own domain name, etc.

• You will be listed in the Gnome Home Directory & on The Townsman on-line 

• Includes a link to your email account (if you don't already have an email account, we will help you)

You will have to provide  pictures  and a description of your product(s)  that you wish to have included.

Set-up Cost: $150 for each page (800 px x 600 px -approx. 11" x 8" )

** No Annual Fee for us.   Once the page is designed, it's yours!

**Please note: You are responsible for paying for your web hosting services. Web hosting includes the cost for your domain name and any other hosting services you wish to use.  If you need help doing this, we will help.

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Do You Already Have a Website? Let us add your web site address to our directory and add a link from the Gnome Home Mall to your site.

Set-up Cost: $0

Annual Fee: $20

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Place a Banner on the Gnome Home Mall site

Static (non-moving) Banner

Set-up Fee: $0

Annual Fee: $50

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Dynamic (moving) Banner

Set-up Fee: $0

Annual Fee: $80

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Current Listings nowAvailable :

The Little Brick Shop

The Enchanted Cottage

The Professional Building

Your name or business name will appear on your store front that is located in the Gnome Gneighborhood Village. A click on YOUR Virtual Store will take you inside your custom-designed shop where a description of your products, pictures, contact information, etc.  will be displayed on a 600 x 800 pixel page (approximately 11 inches x 8 inches).  

You will also be listed in our Gnome Gneighborhood Directory that will be linked to your web page or web site.

Whether it is one item, a large inventory, a service, or a personal page, web greeting, etc., we can help you achieve your goal.

If you wish to build a custom building and store front, we can do that too.  Just send us a picture of the building you wish to have 'built' in the Gneighborhood Village and we will build it there.  

This can be a lot of fun - - - and a great way for you to have your own business and work from your home... and no strings attached!  You are the boss!


We also design thematic and custom websites. Contact us for an appointment to discuss your needs.

For further information regarding our services please don't hesitate to send us an email at The Gnome Home

or call us at (845) 985-0501

or send us 'snail mail' at:

131 Peekamoose Road

Sundown, NY 12740

FYI -  Here are a few links that may be of help regarding your website:



AS you see - the cost of a domain name can be as low as $10 and you can get  someone to host your site (that means publishing it on on-line) for two years for as low as $150. - - but designing it is the expensive part and the average cost is  anywhere from  $200   and up...!

We can help you keep your budget low and you can become part of our Virtual On-line Mall where other people's little shops will also help bring traffic to your site!

Google  "what is the cost of the average website" and get other comparisons.

It is our intention to help  local people and 'gneighboring' communities' to work together and build the best and have the most fun - Virtual On-Line Mall!

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