Welcome to the Gnome Home Virtual Mall

 The Gnome Home began as a little arts and craft shop in 1985. 

Originally the mission of The Virtual Gnome Home Mall  was to help mothers with young children have the potential to be able to stay home, create works of art and crafts, have an income from their creations while having fun and spend more time with their families.  

The Gnome Home is for everyone, especially crafters and artists, men and women, young and old and children, too.

Most of us who make handcrafted items know the many hours it takes to complete a project, so we don't always have "enough stuff" to fill a store, and we often opt to bring our crafts to local craft shows and flea markets.

Years passed and I learned  web design and a new language - ‘html’ - I was no longer restricted to a little building, a corner in the garage,  flea markets or yard sales to display and sell my art and crafts.  I could reach out using The Virtual  Gnome Home Mall  for the whole wide world – www – to see my artwork and crafts.  

Now The Virtual Gnome Home Mall is available to other artists and crafters who would like to do the same – show their creations to the whole wide world.

If you are a crafter and would like to sell your creations from The Virtual Gnome Home Mall  contact us by Email at  thegnomehome@yahoo.com;  snail mail at: The Gnome Home, 131 Peekamoose Road, Sundown, NY 12740); or telephone  845-985-0501  and leave a message and we will get back to you.



Only Once... original handmade crafts 


Broom Hilda's Kitchen Witches


According to Scandinavian  legend - if you hang a kitchen witch in your kitchen, cakes and breads will rise, rice, beans and toast will not burn, pots never boil dry and there will never be too much salt when baking, boiling or stewing. The spices you mix will be perfect, as well as the tea and coffee you serve. You can purchase a custom designed kitchen witch for your kitchen, or learn how to make your own kitchen witch.



Gnomes Alone

One of a kind gnomes all handmade in the Catksill Mountains at the Gnome Home 


Adnil's Craft Shop

Book Shop




Vintage & Antique Hankies

A collection of vintage and antique hankies



Gnome Stories

Little stories and tales from our  ancestors that will make everyone smile.



Gnome Gnews


Read weekly issues of The Townsman Legacy  on line or learn how you can subscribe to The Townsman and receive a weekly issue in your email every week that brings you local happenings, events and news from the Tri-Valley area and the neighboring communities.  


Be sure to visit the Gnome Gneighborhood

Have some fun and frolic through the Gnome Gneighborhood.  Visit  little shops to see original unique arts and crafts.  You can also  learn how you can join the Gnome Gneighborhood and have your own affordable shop at the Gnome Home Virtual Mall.

Most of all  - have fun with all of our gnomes!